Solo intervention by Pascal Laurent.

Enlightened charlatan, Melgut proposes to save the world in exchange for a few coins. Crawling, fearful, hunched, he feels pursued by the crowd in a universe where difference is forbidden. A bat caught in the headlights, he will do anything to escape. He would prefer a different world. "We are embarrassing!" he says; as he sinks into the crowd, cap in hand, armed with only the cloth of his garment, his eyes scrutinise for possible mockery. He dances,... often... to the echo of a distant refrain.



And also...
dance, theatre, carnival
Intimate storyteller or masterful orator, Pascal Laurent works with visuals, movement and the dynamics of urban space, borrowing texts from Boris Vian, Antoine Artaud, the daily newspaper, the local café, or improvised. For this urban intruder on stilts, who challenges the crowd, any public space is susceptible to becoming "scenic space" with just a simple tree, a trash can or a crumbling wall, to disturb the monotony.
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