1994 - 1997
Comic dream for overgrown children and large outdoor spaces

The bright, pure colors of a superficially civilised world blend into the sordid grey and stringy mass of corruption. Ubu Ru is a journey of greed and power in a grotesque kindergarten which the children have outgrown and where toys kill.

Ubu cheerfully chops off heads for his own amusement as a soft terror sets in.

We laugh as he impales his friends.

Yet, the machines that maintain his power are paltry: he massacres the world by picking his teeth.

In a naive universe populated by demons of the absurd, logic may be reversed, but the acquisition of power remains the driving force.

This spectacular event, full of energy and disorder, is inspired by the texts of Alfred Jarry and the pictorial world of Joan Mirò.

An hour of frenzied crowd manipulation, oration, fireworks, special effects, flags and banners with happenings on several levels (ground, stilts, stage, scaffolding). A promenade performance by 13 actors with a pyrotechnic finale in and around a large stage.

Creative Team & Partners
and PPPSSShitt !

Artistic direction: Pascal LAURENT
Stage direction: Sarah HARPER
Costumes: Anne and Chino
Scenography: Andrea CARR
Sound: Yann Le Hérissé
Stage technician: Philippe LALOTTE
Pyrotechnic creation: Stéphane BLANCHARD

Initial cast : Philippe MARTZ, Pascal LAURENT, Dorli HABICHT, Pierre Lenczner, Kamel ABDELLI, Michèle BERNARD
Fireworks: Kamel ABDELLI & Nordine HASSANI

Subsequent tours: Florence BOUTET, Jack SOUVANT, Schahan BERBERIAN, Patrick FRAPEAU, Analia PEREGO, Marjorie LAURENT,

Graphics: Marie-Agnés REVERT
Producer: Agnes MICHELET

Creation: Lille
Tour: Chalon dans la Rue (1994 IN festival), Mitry Mory, Saint Nazaire, Helmond, Amersfoort, North Shields, UK, Château de Vincennes.