Immersive, promenade performance for exterior and interior sites, with aerial acrobats, actors, comedians, and a horse.

It rains although the sun shines. Silently, timeless silhouettes guide us through shady labyrinthine streets as Bluebeard and his latest wife arrive at their ‘castle’. The keys of the abattoir rattle. The heavy gates creak. The walls weep. And the forbidden door is opened, as we know it will be: the young piano tuner runs atop a high wall, Judith, hiding in the bathroom, hears Bluebeard’s approach. He draws his butcher’s knife...

Original musical score by Patricia Dallio

Kekzakallù is a loose interpretation of the myth of Bluebeard. An immersive theatrical thriller performed (exterior and interior) by actors, stiltwalkers, aerial acrobats, singers, and a bareback horse-rider, set against Patricia Dallio's haunting musical score.


Creative Team & Partners

Creative team
Written and directed by Sarah HARPER
Performers : Pascal LAURENT , Analia PEREGO, Dorli HABICHT, Marie-Christine BENTO, Schahan BERBERIAN, Florence BOUTET de MONVEL, Kamel ABDELLI, Isabelle RIVOAL, Jack SOUVANT, Zaza, Cécile LENEVEU

Original music : Patricia DALLIO
Scenography : Jonathan MACINTOSH
Lighting : Eric SOYER
Stage management : Hervé LEROUX
Technical Director : Laurent DUPUIS



Creation : Chalon dans la Rue 1997 in residency Les Abbatoirs.
Tour : Royal Festival Hall – London, Dijon, Bagneux, Place de Fêtes Paris 19ème, l'Avant Rue.

Financial partners: ADAMI, Ministère de la Culture, ANPE Spectacles, Town of Chalon sur Saône.